Our Story

We are Mark and Tina, living in North America.

Marriage is a happy and fulfilling institution that my partner, Mark and I, have celebrated together for more than 23 years!

Unfortunately, not everyone ends up in a happy union like ours.

One fateful day, our male friend visited us and shared with us his sad story. He had lost his wife six years ago, and since then, he has been alone and utterly depressed.

But he still did not give up on looking for love. As a matter of fact, he got into seven different relationships that never worked. And the last one was the straw that broke the camel. The lady took all his valuables and disappeared.

And ever since that day, he totally lost confidence in finding someone to make his girlfriend, let alone his wife!

Then it dawned on me, and I asked my husband Mark, "Can he have a doll girlfriend? A person-like doll, lovely sex doll. So he is able to care for her, make love to her and love her. Then he will have a happy life." In response, Mark just nodded with smile.

That was the moment the company idea was born, and today we have Moon Boat Global Investment Inc. We are the leading manufacturer in the real doll & sex toys industry and provide nothing but the best. Under our wing, we have this online shop that supplies various and diverse real sex dolls and sex toys globally.

We do not want anyone missing out on having a happy, fulfilling life. Our real art dolls and sex toys provide much-needed companionship and partnership.