Why choose us


"Moonboat" is our own brand of sex dolls and sex toys. Our purpose is bringing more sex happiness for all the female and male people. Now we release about 70 models of real dolls and 60 sex toys for your choose. 

Real Art Of Dolls

Our collection of real love dolls amasses to 70 models. Every adult doll in our collection is a piece of art that took time, ingenuity, and fashionable designs to be created. They are a product of well-calculated mastery of making sex dolls, ensuring our clients get what they wish for.

Furthermore, they all have human facial expressions, enchanting eyes, an elastic silicon body, and an hour-glass figure. Whichever you select, we guarantee you she will look like the girl of your dreams, or better!

Our Prices

Our prices are highly competitive, and we provide only top-quality realistic dolls. You will get every penny’s worth.

Customizable products

We know that what you like is unique and special, and we take that into account. With that, you can choose to customize your dream adult doll in just minutes.

Shipping is on us!

Once you make your order, your beloved love doll will be at your doorstep with your chosen delivery companies. So whether it is FedEx, UPS, or DHL, you will meet your real doll in 2-4 weeks. Local postal services for specific countries and regions might also be provided.

Privacy Policy

We highly respect your privacy. Every piece of information like your name, address, or email is safe with us. We do not provide such information to third parties.

Our Service

We are here for you. Your satisfaction is our goal. So if you have any questions, comments, or advice, please share them with us.